Godfrey lovin Cliffy

Memories & Moments

Godfrey comes home

Godfrey was adopted on 10/22/18. That day, I put his older brother, Charlie in the bedroom so Godfrey could smell the place and explore.

After a few hrs, I introduced the two boys.
Charlie was more interested than Godfrey was. Godfrey gave Char a few swipes after some time.

They later got along pretty good.

Back jumper to say hello!

Godfrey loves jumping on your back to say hello!

When I come home from work or a day of errands, Godfrey looks up at me expecting me to get down on my knees so he can jump on me.

I get down, and he hops on my back to rub his face on my neck and head.

Other moment

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Other moment

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New brother, Clifford!

On 1/6/19, Godfrey gained and reunited with his lovely brother, Clifford!

They knew each other from the great place Witty Kitties.

Other moment

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Pics of Moments

Hanging on the chair with Charloo


Godfrey came to visit Charlie when Char was napping on the chair.

Char didn't know what to think, honestly.

Godfrey & Charlie Resting


 After a bit of fun, Charlie and Godfrey rested by each other. So cute. 

Godfrey & Clifford Hanging Out


Godfrey & Clifford just chillin by each other

Sleeping with dad


This is how Godfrey likes cuddling and sleeping. 

He loves nuzzling up to my chin and neck.

Cuddle boys


Godfrey and Clifford hanging in the cat bed together 

Hanging out


They love chilling on a pillow